• Burger, glass of beer on the side
  • Hot dog, two dips on the side
  • Grilled sliced meat, snacks and salad

For over
140 years


A southside tradition since 1879!

For over 140 years, Barringer’s has been a part of the Indianapolis community, At one point, there used to be a bathhouse, a barber’s chair, a bowling alley, a farmers market, and a boarding house located on the property.

Barringer’s was the last stop on the trolley line going South out of Indianapolis, so it was people’s last chance to get something to eat or drink, which is why there was and is a “Last Chance” sign in the window out front. During Prohibition, Barringer’s stayed in business selling ice cream and candy, as well as lunch and dinner. There is a black window with a slot that opens where it is rumored people could get illegal alcohol. Al Capone and John Dillinger were known to have dined at Barringer’s on occasion. In the back of the lot, there was a pond with live turtles used for making fresh turtle soup! Barringer’s was also well known for pig’s feet. In 1942 alone, Barringer’s sold 96,508 pigs' feet to its customers.